Multivitamins: Good or Bad?

It turns out that too many of those delicious gummy vitamins that you look forward to every morning, can actually hurt your health.   

According to the article “Why Multivitamins Might Do More Harm Than Good”, most people who have balanced diets, and even those whose diets are less-than-par, get at least almost the daily recommended value of the necessary vitamins they need. However, it does explain that if you have a certain deficiency or condition you may need vitamins, and your doctor can tell you which ones you need.

I think this article did a good job of looking at boths sides of this argument. Rather than saying that no one should take multivitamins because everyone with get too much of certain vitamins, it takes into acount other diets and situations.

I am a pescetarian. I eat seafood to get more protein in my diet, but I would be lying if I said I ate enough protein-rich substitutes to fill my body’s needs. So, while reading this article I found myself being educated on why I should be taking mutivitamins everyday.

They did a good job of addressing each vitamin and what the consequences are of taking more than the recommended daily value.

The analogy they used put things into perspective, “Would you take a powerful antibiotic everyday, just in case?” After reading the repercussions of what too much Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Calcium could do to your body alone, absolutely not.

The main point of this article was to question why people believe that multivitamins are actually good for us, with little proof. Here there is proof as to why too much is bad, and who should watch out for their intake. I personally learned I do not need to worry about too much, but too little. What does your body need?


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