Why Your Lips Are Chapped, And How To Fix Them

As the cold weather approaches, everyone should be stocking up on chapstick to avoid the pain and unpleasantness of chapped lips.

Everyone knows that licking your lips, although it feels like it is helping, is actually not. The products you may be using could be making your dry lips worse, too.

This article goes into detail on what ingredients you should look out for in your lip treatments and what ingredients you do want in them, and the best times to apply them for the best results.

The Do’s and Don’ts were clearly stated and there is no confusion about what this article is trying to say. The main point of the peice was to inform you of how to prevent and treat chapped lips properly.

Following these guidelines will provide you with healthy, moisturized lips, along with saving you money on products that do the opposite job than you want!




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